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Why there is interest in real estate in the city of Samara?
Samara is the center of the Volga region and has an excellent geographical location - the intersection of highways and roads, the crossing of rivers, developed infrastructure.
Why in Samara property prices are higher than the average for Russia?
Samara is an industrial city and the center of the Samara region, which is rich in minerals and natural resources. This increases the standard of living, the well-being of citizens, which attracts people from neighboring regions. The Samara region as a whole has beautiful and picturesque nature, it attracts tourists. What, in fact, leads to the fact that the price of real estate in this region is higher than the average for Russia.
Real estate in Samara and the content of real estate.
Samara consists of 9 districts of the city - Kuibyshevsky, Samarsky, Leninsky, Zheleznodorozhny, Oktyabrsky, Sovetsky, Promyshlenny, Kirovsky and Krasnoglinsky.
The real estate of Samarsky district, to a large extent, is a historical center. Here there are boutique zone, places of cultural communication and rest.
Leninsky district - the historical part of the city, the business center of the city, here there are places of cultural and business communication, is the most prestigious and attractive district of the city of Samara. Has the highest demand for real estate.
Oktyabrsky district is the geographical center of the city, the business part of the city. Here there are places of cultural and business communication, also considered a prestigious part of Samara.
Promyshlenny, Sovetsky, Kirovsky, Krasnoglinsky and Kuybyshevsky district is considered to be the sleeping areas of the city of Samara. Here, to a large extent, residential real estate is represented.
The industrial zone of the city is considered to be the real estate of Zheleznodorozhny, Kuybyshevsky, Sovetsky, Promyshlenny and Kirovsky districts. The industrial zone is located along the bank of the Samara River, one of the most congested streets are the Zavodskoye Shosse and Tovarnaya.
Real estate in Samara is actively developing, housing estates, shopping and office centers are being built. The city authorities have big plans for the mass construction of the Leninsky, Kuybyshevsky, Promyshlenny and Kirovsky districts. Bridges and transport interchanges are being built, which will allow the development of real estate more actively on the other banks of the rivers Samara and Volga.
The good welfare of citizens contributes to the greater growth of cars. In the center of Samara, you can observe large traffic jams, as in other industrial cities of Russia. Transport jams have already become a big headache on a federal scale. The most difficult situation in the Leninsky district, where there are no such wide roads as Moskovskoye Shosse, Novo-Sadovaya, Gagarina (passing to Pobedy Street), and Aurory. These are the city’s most transported thoroughfares, which are also overcrowded. On these streets are concentrated large traffic flows, which leads to a greater concentration of commercial real estate.
Samara is known for its embankment, a beautiful view of the Volga River. In the summer, the embankment serves as a place of favorite rest of citizens and numerous guests of the city.
Places of cultural communication and sights of Samara, of course, is Leningradskaya Street (like Arbat in Moscow), Kuibyshev Street and the main square of the city - Kuibyshev Square. All this leads to an increased concentration of people and real estate in a small area of ​​the area. Leninsky and Samarsky districts are one of the smallest areas of the city and at the same time the most in demand in terms of residential and commercial real estate.
It is also planned to build a European-level stadium in the Kirovsky district of Samara. This will significantly increase the demand for real estate in this part of the city.
One of the most elite places in Samara for the purchase of real estate is Proseka 9 Street (as well as Proseka 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) of the Promyshlenny and Oktyabrsky Districts. Of particular value is a property overlooking the Volga, with easy access to the river. It is here that there are numerous villas and cottages, there is a sale of land. This part of the city is known for its high prices for real estate, here they are one of the highest in Samara.
Available and financially weighed options for buying real estate are: Kuybyshevsky, Promyshlenny, Kirovsky and Krasnoglinsky districts of Samara.

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